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Thanks to Google's Penguin & Hummingbird updates...

Everything you know about keyword optimization &
copywriting is changing right before your eyes.

Here's why… and how to keep your site from being left behind.

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Since practically the beginning of SEO time, we've been trained to use keywords in our copy in particular ways. "The more, the better" was a common search engine copywriting tip because - at least in the early days of Google - it was necessary. And - until recently - those long-standing keyword optimization strategies worked just fine.

But things have changed drastically over the last several years. You see, Google's new criteria for good SEO copywriting weren't being enforced much of the time. Therefore, the same old techniques have continued to get at least semi-decent results.

Then came the Penguin & Hummingbird updates and it all hit the fan.

Once Google started pressing for tougher quality standards (via Panda) the stakes were raised. Then, with the implementation of Penguin (weeding out over-optimization & more) and Hummingbird (focusing on conversational search results) keyword copywriting saw some serious technique changes. Sites that once ranked well for keyphrases began to fall: some slowly over time, some like a rock!

Google Panda

That means - if you're still optimizing your copy for keywords the same way you did a few years ago - you need to get up to speed … q u i c k !

Here's what you should do as soon as possible.

  • 1. Understand that these changes have been coming for years. With the implementation of Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, Google is enforcing their new standards now more than ever.
  • 2. Get trained. Writing keyword optimized copy the same way you always have could soon turn around and bite you! It's time to update your SEO copywriting skills.
  • 3. Get onboard. Now that Google has made these quality-based changes, there is no turning back.
  • 4. Check your web pages against the new techniques I'll teach you in Writing With Keywords and make the necessary changes before your pages begin to lose rank.

Writing With Keywords is a short, online video copywriting training program that will
quickly bring you up to speed on how to write optimized copy for the Penguin/Hummingbird era.

Who needs this?

  • Website owners who write their own SEO copy.
  • Professional copywriters.
  • Managers supervising teams of copywriters.
  • Virtual assistants who edit or optimize website copy.
  • Anyone responsible for helping increase search engine rankings.
What will I learn?

  • The 5-step process for optimizing web pages for the search engines.
  • 9 super-quick strategies for writing optimized copy that sounds natural.
  • How to easily optimize text to improve sluggish rankings.
  • Why Google keeps changing what it says/does - and why it matters.
What's included?

  • 4 online video sessions (broken down into short, manageable segments).
  • Printable transcripts of every session.
  • Cheat sheets & planning guides to keep you on track while creating keyword optimized copy.
  • Unlimited access to the private Facebook group so you can ask questions, get feedback & more.

"Very impressive. I learned a lot. As a print copywriter, the whole SEO copywriting thing is relatively new to me. I’m very much interested in optimizing copy using keywords, and your course gave me some good insight into where I need to sharpen my skills." -- Michael White, Copywriter, Sage Software developer of business management software Read more testimonials

If you're still writing SEO copy the same way you were 4 or 5 years ago, you are
putting your web page rankings at risk. If you're just learning how to write effective search engine copy,
Writing With Keywords will put you on the right path. In only about 3 hours, you can
improve your keyword optimization techniques. You will potentially ward off the
negative effects of Google's recent updates on your copy and free your pages to rank higher.

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